Below are unsolicited quotes and comments from people who have enjoyed themselves in one of Mary’s clinics or have reached out with praise about her information.  Thank you one and all!


Thank you Mary for the great clinic. Your gentle spirit and way with your horse and mine was wonderful to watch. Appreciate everything! –Stephanie Glazer

Great clinic in Hobart, OK this weekend. Thank you Mary for giving each of us individual attention and working on our individual issues. Great communication – not just here’s how to do this, but the “why” as well. —Janet Williams

Just spent this weekend with the clinician Mary Kitzmiller and I must say it was fabulous! I am not typically a “clinic” kind of person as I get bored and impatient easily “waiting” my turn….no such problem with Mary. She is Very articulate, easily understood, Proved how knowledgeable she is by example!
Totally helped me with some issues and concerns with my Very Big 15 mo old Freiesian colt AND she helped him as well!!! Mary was able to keep a large group of women moving and motivated! Often hard to do lolol…met some new ppl incl Mary’s mom, who I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with.
I loved being with two of our Friesian club members and getting to know them better!!! Even though Julee Kula and I were exhausted, we still stayed up waaaay past our bedtime chatting..awesome fun. I will most definitely attend another Mary Kitzmiller clinic! Thank you Mary for sharing and showing us techniques and that you to our club , South Central Friesian Horse Association for arranging such a great moment in time. —Rhonda Hooper

Had a really good weekend at the Hobart Riding Club. Mary K Kitzmiller was so awesome we all learned so much! Thank you Mary K Kitzmiller!!!! I did more the first day of clicker training then I have the entire time I have had Ruth!! She is my new go to horse person!!!  —Bobby Wolf Gather

Second day at Mary K Kitzmiller clinic ! Took most of the morning chipping away at Fred to get him even close to the “horse eating “orange pool filled with balls and empty plastic bottles. Just before lunch break he was walking through it!!! I’m hoping I can get someone to get a pic of him doing it after lunch!
I’m loving my big red horse! We are learning so much about trust and respect!
My shopping list will include a kiddie pool plastic tarps, plastic balls…   —Penny Sharp

This past week was an incredible experience with Mary K Kitzmiller. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such a gifted and talented horseman. A wealth of knowledge from such an inspiring soul! I also enjoyed greatly visiting with both Mary and her mother (Linda) can't wait to see them both again!!!!!!   —LeeAnn Weston


Training That Clicks DVD

Checkerboard mustang family…..can not tell you how much this has helped Shikoba!! Amazing!!! He was relaxed not nervous or stressed…no fear or danger!! WOW….so grateful to Mary Kitzmiller Horsemanship for building a bridge to help me and Shikoba!! Everyday I see a difference……WOWZA! —Ann Souders

I will be loaning your DVD's out to my friends that are interested and unfamiliar with +R, as I think they are the best introductory DVD's on the market, especially for western-oriented riders.........I hope you realize how revolutionary this is. Years from now, people will look back and recognize this as a turning point of +R in the western world. Very cool. You go girl!   —Andrea Rosentrater Mills