Mary has a featured monthly Radio Show with Horses in the Morning in which she shares tips, tricks and information on her unique Positive Reinforcement Training program as well insider information avid horse lovers love to get access to!

September 9, 2015

Training Around the World from Poland to England to the USA

On today's training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary tells us all about her colt starting competition in Poland and brings on the winner, Guy Robertson from England.  Then we head to Poland and meet the organizers of the Considering the Horse clinic and James Cooler does a training tip on training with layers.  

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AUGUST 8, 2015

Justin Dunn Going Bitless, Mustang Heritage Foundation

On today's training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary explains how to use positive reinforcement to teach your horse to be still emotionally,  Justin Dunn talks about how his Mustangs are helping young cancer patients and Byron Hogan from the Mustang Heritage Foundation tells us about ways they help Mustangs find homes.   

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JULY 9, 2015

Sid Zacharias’ Mustang Makeover Methods, Miranda Lyon in Africa

On today's training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary tells us about her light bulb moment with clicker training and announces the three finalists in the Name the Zedonk Contest.  Guests include Sid Zacharias on his method for training Mustangs for makeover competitions and Miranda Lyon tells us about her adventures in Namibia Africa and an upcoming clinic she is doing with Mary.  

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JUNE 11, 2015

Poisoned Cues, Dan James at Liberty, Marti McGinnis Marketing

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary rescued some mules and donkeys so we’ll hear the whole story and then we’ll learn about “poisoned cues” and how to fix them.  Dan James talks liberty training and Marti McGinnis shows us how to put a good handle on our marketing plan.

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MAY 29, 2015

Rise to the Level of Your Horse, Working Obstacles with Donna Duvall, John Saint Ryan Garrocha

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary explains ‘rising to the level of your horse’, Donna Duvall gets us through some ground obstacles the right way and John Saint Ryan entertains us with stories about training with the Garrocha and jumping off a cliff.

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APRIL 9, 2015

Biomechanics and Other Equids

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary compares training horses to other equids, a topic inspired by her recently acquired Zedonk.  Guests include Shelby Hume on biomechanics for better performance, Sean Patrick and Marsha Sapp on western Dressage.

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MARCH 12, 2015

Countdown to Competition, Craig Johnson, James Cooler

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary talks about her count down plan for this year’s Road to the Horse.  Craig Johnson talks about Ranch Riding, making ground work more productive and advice for show prep.  Rounding out the show James Cooler goes beyond a great foundation with a look at the bigger picture.

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FEBRUARY 12, 2015

What It Means To Win, Clicking With Kurland, Reynolds on Strengths

On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary and Glenn chat about pole dancing and what it really means to win.  Guests Alexandra Kurland and Gary Reynolds cover a wide range of topics from reward based clicker training to owning the performance.  Listen in…

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JANUARY 15, 2015

Three Amigos Wrap Up, Jim Anderson on Liberty Training, Evidence Based Horsemanship
On today’s training with Mary Kitzmiller episode Mary shares what she learned while working with Trick Trainer Tommy Turvey, Jim Anderson talks about Liberty Training and Evidence Based Horsemanship co-author Dr. Stephen Peters talks about the neuroscience behind horse training.

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JANUARY 8, 2015

Road to the Horse Update
On today’s Road to the Horse episode Glenn & Tammy have a rollicking good time with guests Karin Page from Mounted Shooters of America, Mary Kitzmiller and AQHA World Ranch Versatility Champion Chance O’Neal.

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DECEMBER 11, 2014

Lay Down Step by Step
On today’s inaugural training with Mary Kitzmiller episode we learn about how to teach a horse to lay down on command safely and without a rope, Sean Patrick has the low down the best reason to come to Florida in January ever and Wylene Wilson puts a handle on a horse.
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