Looking for your perfect equine partner?  In 2017, Mary is partnering with Sara Grimes to offer a limited number of personally-selected, professionally-trained horses for sale to the public.  Horses of different breeds, backgrounds, and skill levels will be available for qualified buyers.


As available horses are introduced, Mary and Sara will log their progress online in the form of blogs, pictures, and videos.  You'll have a chance to see each horse learn and progress through the Positive Performance Horse program.  Each horse will receive a thorough foundation in groundwork and riding and will learn a wide variety of skills such as: 

  • Ground manners (standing for farrier, tying, trailer loading, etc)
  • Body control on the ground (lunging, backing, side passing, pivots, etc)
  • Body control under saddle (stops, transitions, lead departures, side passing, pivots, etc)
  • Trail riding
  • Softness in the bridle
  • Acclimation to varied objects and obstacles (tarps, water crossings, bridges, etc)
  • Liberty foundation
  • And more...

As each horse develops, Mary and Sara will share their insight on the horse's abilities, strengths, and suitability for different riders and events.  In addition to intensive training, horses in the program will travel to shows and trail rides to get plenty of exposure to different sights and experiences.  


Mary and Sara want to help their Positive Performance Horses find outstanding homes and believe a great training foundation helps to ensure a horse's future well-being.  A horse will not be listed for sale until Mary and Sara are absolutely confident in the horse's level of training and dependability.   When a horse is ready to go to a great home, the horse will be made available for sale.  Each listing will be accompanied by a thorough and honest description of the horse's history, education, and attributes.  Sale prices will be determined by a number of factors, including the horse's breeding, talent, education, and suitability.   Mary and Sara will diligently work with potential buyers to help make sure that the rider and horse are the right match.  

The first Positive Performance Horses will be introduced soon, so stay tuned and follow the horses on Facebook for daily updates: